CBD Vape Oil

Using CBD Vape Oil Products

With CBD available in all 50 states now, many people are still unaware of how to best use vapes and other products. While CBD has many potential benefits for people with serious health conditions, it must be used properly to give the desired results. Anyone unfamiliar with how CBD vape products are used can rely on this guide to help them shop and enjoy.

CBD Vape Options

First, not all CBD vape oil products are the same or offer the same experience. The main types of vaporizers for CBD use include:

  • Disposable, pre-filled pens that don’t need to be charged
  • Rechargeable pre-filled pens that allow anyone to swap in a new cartridge when they run low on CBD oil
  • Standard vaping devices that must be filled with CBD oil
  • Tabletop devices that offer finer control over temperature and larger storage capacity

A simple disposable vape pen with a listed dose may be the best choice for first-time users of CBD oil. Once a person decides they’re getting positive effects from CBD oil and want to vape it regularly, a refillable vape pen or device may be worth the investment. Buying disposable CBD pens regularly tends to cost more than refilling a vaporizer or rechargeable pen. Tabletop vaporizers aren’t very portable, but they’re a good option for people taking large doses of CBD oil each day that want precise control over the temperature or dosage. Any type of vape will work to use CBD for epilepsy or CBD for insomnia.

Parts of a Rechargeable Vape Pen

Disposable pens run out of battery and can’t be refilled, so they’re not designed for recharging or repairs. However, rechargeable vape pens and devices are easily repaired, modified, and upgraded as needed. For example, a vape pen owner may decide they want a larger tank to hold more CBD oil or a more powerful battery. The basic parts that all rechargeable vape pens tend to share in common include:

  • Tank or cartridge: The container actually holding the CBD oil to be vaped. Cartridges are generally pre-filled and disposed of when empty, while tanks are designed for manual refilling.
  • Atomizer/clearomizer/cartomizer: The heating element that warms the CBD oil to a precise temperature to transform it into vapor. This part needs to be replaced regularly since it can wear out over time or gum up with residues from the heated oils.
  • Batteries: The power source for the atomizer to give it enough energy to heat up. Batteries tend to be either a universal style known as the 510 threaded connection or unique to the vape pen. Buying a few extra batteries allows the user to charge them and always have power on hand for their CBD oil vape.
  • Power/temperature control: Some pens are automatically powered on when the user inhales or presses an integrated button on the battery. Others offer more precise power controls and built-in temperature adjustment.

Tabletop vaporizer devices designed for stationary use follow a similar design but often omit the battery for a hardwired power source instead. The power and temperature controls on these devices also tend to be more complex than on CBD vape pens. However, they’re not portable at all like a pen is, so they’re best used in conjunction and not as a replacement for a portable vaping device.

Each CBD vape pen works similarly, but they can all produce different results based on the exact design of parts like the atomizer. Try a few different vaping products to find the right solution for taking any CBD dosage.

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