Can You Get High Off of CBD?


When living with pain or invisible illness, everyday tasks that many people seem to take for granted can feel like Herculean feats. Along with physical discomfort, individuals can have psychological effects to contend with, too. Living with pain comes at a high cost, and finding relief can make a huge difference in quality of life. That’s why more and more people are turning to CBD as a treatment for chronic pain and health conditions.

The cannabis plant contains chemicals unique to the plant, called cannabinoids. The two major cannabinoids are:

  • Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which makes a person feel “high”
    Cannabidiol (CBD), which has no psychoactive effects but can provide therapeutic benefits

Because it doesn’t have the same intoxicating effects as THC, CBD is available in most locations across the United States and can be purchased without a medical marijuna card. Most of the THC contained in cannabis plants is found in the flower portions of the plant. Fortunately, growers and producers have developed sophisticated ways of extracting CBD so users can get the therapeutic benefits of cannabis without worrying about psychoactive effects.

Does CBD Get You High?

Simply put: no. It does have an effect on the body, but it will not make users get the “high” or brain fog that products with THC will cause.

CBD is great for users who need to work, parent, or function in day-to-day life without feeling “high,” which changes an individual’s brain function and body responses. In short, CBD is a supplement that can work wonders for those living with pain or certain health conditions and allows them to use the supplement without worrying about psychoactive effects on the brain.

Pure CBD also does not make a person fail a drug test, as long as the individual is careful to use products that do not contain any THC. It is important to check the labels on all CBD products used to ensure it is pure CBD and does not contain THC.

Some CBD products do contain trace amounts of THC, but it is generally not enough to induce a euphoric or high effect. CBD in high concentrations can produce an uplifting effect, but rarely does it cause that “high” that THC users experience.

The World Health Organization defines any substance that affects mental processes as “psychoactive.” However, CBD is nonintoxicating, even at high concentrations beyond what most folks would consume. While THC can impair a person’s cognitive abilities, high doses of oral CBD do not produce those effects that are characteristic of products high in THC.

Ready to pop a CBD gummy before work? Good news: individuals who do that will still be able to function at work without feeling or appearing high. Better yet, it’ll help them manage their pain or anxiety. While CBD may not be a miracle “cure” or “fix-all,” it can definitely help you relax—and without the munchies and dry mouth they would experience with a THC product, to boot!

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