Can You Take Too Much CBD?


Can you take too much CBD? Generally speaking, no. Most CBD products come with recommended dosages on the label. Dosages for users depend on weight, age, and other health factors. For the most part, CBD users will need to experiment with products, dosages, and frequency of use depending on their health, body type, and desired outcomes.

Trial and Error

Sometimes, this “trial and error” can result in someone taking too much CBD for their own body. If this happens, they likely won’t end up in the hospital with dangerous overdose symptoms. However, some of the side effects may be unpleasant. Side effects from taking too much CBD include drowsiness, fatigue, “brain fog,” and blurred vision.

As they would with any other supplement, it is important that individuals take the correct dose for their needs and body. This varies depending on why they are taking CBD, the symptoms they are hoping to alleviate, their body weight, and other factors. For example, someone who is petite will require a smaller amount of CBD than a large bodybuilder, even if they are taking CBD to treat the same symptoms, such as migraines.

Concentration in Each Product

The concentration of CBD in the product is also an important factor. Carefully read the label and instructions on all CBD products before use. For example, if a CBD user plans to eat CBD gummies that contain 10 mg of CBD in each, they’ll need to eat fewer gummies than they would if each gummy contained 5 mg of CBD. Most products contain dosage in terms of mg (milligrams), rather than bodyweight. Dosages in CBD products vary from as little as 1 mg to as much as 100 mg, depending on the product.

Many users will need to discover the correct amount of CBD for their concerns and body through “trial and error.” Thankfully, it is generally safe to take “too much” CBD. Taking too much CBD may simply cause sleepiness and the desire to take a nap.

Method of Consumption

The method of consumption also has an effect on how much CBD a person will need for effectiveness. Vaping CBD flower or oil hits the bloodstream fastest, and therefore CBD users will know almost immediately if they need more or not. Sublingual tablets, oils, and gummies take a little longer for the body to metabolize.

The best thing to do is start off with a small amount and then add more later if needed in order to find the right amount that is effective. CBD is generally well-tolerated by the body, and there are not currently any known overdoses from using it. [Studies show]( that even doses as high as 1500 mg a day are safe and well-tolerated by those who require higher levels to treat their condition. Remember that each person is different, and the key is figuring out how each dose affects the body.

Fortunately, CBD is safe, and people can experiment with varying amounts and products until they find the one that is right for them. They are unlikely to overdose or take too much CBD. Individuals should focus on figuring out how much they need in order to get the health benefits they seek. First-time users will have a lower tolerance and require less CBD than users who have been using CBD for a long time.

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